500kg washing powder

  • 500kg Ton Bag Cheap Washing Powder Blue Detergent Powder

    500kg Ton Bag Cheap Washing Powder Blue Detergent Powder

    1. With strong stain removing dynamical system formula, it gets deep into the fibers to eliminate stubborn stains and dirt. 2. With special stain suspension system formula, it prevents stains and dirt from re-depositing. 3. Added fiber brightener, it keeps clothes brilliant. 4. Highly active formula, rich foam. high foam washing powder 5. Lasting and strong fragrance,Detergent powder with persistent fragrance 6. Easy to clean, more water-saving, more time-saving laundry powder 7. With cheaper prices, high quality and quickly delivery. 8. Inspection every orders to keep the quality steady and perfect. 9. Quickly delivery and perfect packages. 10. We'll try our best to confirm all products are in steady and perfect rate, and all the customers can get good products and perfect after-sale service. We are a better detergent supplier.

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