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What's the difference between hand washing detergent and machine washing detergent?

In the past few years, laundry detergent has become the new favorite of laundry products, and increasingly become the choice of household laundry products. Some friends think that laundry detergent is not easy to use or the effect is not very good, but some people think that laundry detergent is very useful. Laundry detergent can be divided into hand washing detergent and machine washing detergent. What is the difference between hand washing detergent and machine washing detergent? Which is better.

The difference between hand washing and machine washing detergent

The main differences are in formula and packaging design

Since the formulation and packaging of machine wash products are specifically designed for machine washing, it is recommended to be used specifically for machine washing, and the ingredients contained in machine washing are more effective and therefore more harmful to opponents.

The special detergent for hand washing has the original hand washing automatic stain removal system, which not only dissolves various stains easily while in use, but also has a neutral and mild formula, which can better care for your hands, so it is preferred for hand washing, but it can also be used for machine washing.

Use of laundry detergent

The use of hand washing detergent

The method is the same as washing powder. First, pour the detergent into the basin and dilute with water, put it into the clothes and soak for a period of time, then scrub, and finally rinse, some serious stains need to be washed with water. Different brands of laundry detergent can be used similarly, so check the instructions.

The use of machine washing detergent

Pour an appropriate amount of detergent directly into a plastic container of liquid detergent to pretreat areas with large stains that are difficult to clean: first apply detergent to dry clothes, and then treat them in the conventional way.

Detergent dosage

Many people don't know how much to use when using detergent. If the dosage is small, the clothes won't clean, or if too much, the clothes won't clean. How much to use when using detergent?

The amount of detergent used by different brands is different, and the amount of detergent used by hand washing and machine washing is also very different. It is recommended that you decide the amount of detergent used according to the amount of detergent used. If it is a concentrated formula, use less each time. Generally, use 1/3 of the bottle cap for hand washing 1-3 pieces of clothing and 3/4 of the bottle cap (30ml) for machine washing. Soak the diluted detergent for 20 minutes first to get the best cleaning effect, and apply directly to heavy stains.

In addition, not all washes are washed according to this amount, there is a big difference between thick coat and thin clothes, the amount should be increased or decreased according to the size and thickness of clothes, easy to fade clothes should be washed separately.

For underwear, baby clothing is recommended to use a few more times after use. After washing, chemical fiber, silk and wool fabrics should be dried in the shade, in addition to solid, single-color cotton and linen materials suitable for sunlight. Machine washing is relatively convenient, just according to the automatic program to choose the washing intensity, rinse time and so on.


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